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Connecting with our colleagues, friends, and community is an essential part of growing your career, business, and aspirations. The BRAVE model is a five-step process that can support building better business relationships. More importantly, it can help you build a community of like-minded people who will support you — and you them — in everything you do in business and beyond.


The Actions of the CEOs of San Diego’s Fastest-Growing Companies: An Original Leadership Article on the Best Practices of the CEOs of San Diego’s Fastest-Growing Companies. The link below contains the published summary article of Strategy Meets Performance interviews with the eight San Diego CEOs of companies whom the San Diego Business Journal deemed to be Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego.

Most Admired CEOs

An Original Leadership Series on the Best Practices of San Diego’s Most Admired CEOs. Strategy Meets Performance interviews with the nine San Diego CEOs whom the San Diego Business Journal deemed to be Most Admired. The remainder of the articles are a 6-part series where readers can dig deeper and learn how the CEOs view leadership, competition, innovation and shaping culture.

Physician Leader Best Practices

Strategy Meets Performance’s original published research on the CEOs of the major healthcare organizations in San Diego, published in San Diego Physician Magazine.

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