Part I of an 8 Part Leadership Series published in San Diego Physician Magazine on Physician Leaders Making a Difference in San Diego
Paul Bernstein Shares Kaiser Permanente’s Innovative Actions

Paul Bernstein

As a scholar-practitioner, my goal is to help fast-growth companies maintain and improve their workplace cultures so their employees are engaged and performing at their best. I also continue to research the best practices of leaders of high performing organizations so that I can add to literature in my field  as well as quench my thirst for knowledge (and that of my clients) on the leadership behaviors that bring success.

My newest leadership series is based on the best practices of physician leaders of healthcare systems in San Diego such as Kaiser Permanente, UCSD, Sharp and Scripps. In this series, I conducted interviews of five leaders from these large systems as well as two from private practices to learn how they view employee engagement, culture and innovation in the workplace. There is much we can all learn, regardless of the industry we are in. This series will conclude with a summary article.

My first interview was with Dr. Paul Bernstein, a Head and Neck Surgeon who is the Medical Director and Chief of Staff at Kaiser Permanente. Aside from his responsibilities managing his system and seeing patients, Dr. Bernstein is also an author of fiction and non-fiction books including Courage to Heal, Rock Bottomand Flash Blind. You can read about his views on leadership in this interview I conducted of him.