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How Paul Bernstein, Chief of Staff of Kaiser Permanente Drives Culture & Innovation

Part I of an 8 Part Leadership Series published in San Diego Physician Magazine on Physician Leaders Making a Difference in San Diego Paul Bernstein Shares Kaiser Permanente’s … Read more

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Four Visionary Leadership Lessons from Milton Hershey (1857-1945)

I was recently in York, Pennsylvania presenting to several CEO groups when I decided to visit nearby Hershey Town. As a chocolate lover and a researcher, I was … Read more

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Column Image Your Employees are a Goldmine: Four Ways San Diego’s Top CEOs Tap into their Teams’ Innovation

[Part 5 of 6] Just as San Diego’s Most Admired CEOs* (as identified by the San Diego Business Journal) are intentional about their culture, inspiring and engaging their teams … Read more

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“This Feels Risky But I’m Doing it Anyway!:” Three Ways Top CEOs Embrace Risk

By Dr. Sherry Nooravi (Part 3 of 6]. When it comes to taking risks, San Diego’s Most Admired CEOs have often had to go against naysayers to follow … Read more

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Column Image Four Paradigm Shifts that Will Help Blossom your Life Creativity and Satisfaction

As an organizational psychologist, I’m always searching for innovative ideas that will support and encourage people in living at their most creative and fulfilled peaks, both personally and … Read more

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Can we be Still Long Enough to Inspire Creativity?

“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London, American author, journalist and social activist. I recently facilitated a workshop … Read more

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