As you look to the year ahead, you may feel excited about a fresh start, new goals or new ways of showing up.

A new calendar year can be a time to reset and think about what things you can do differently. Sure, you may have your strategic goals for all you want to achieve and that’s great. The idea I’d like to share is about setting an intention for how you want to feel on your journey to achieving those things.

A Word to Get you Inspired. Setting an intention or word can serve you by getting you hyped and inspired before you do something new, reminding you of who you want to be if you feel nervous about doing something new and asking yourself if you feel that way at the end of the day.

Author. When I was working on my upcoming book, “A Powerful Culture Starts with You,” there were days when I did not feel like writing or times when editing my work felt like the most sluggish task on earth. There were also days when I’d write a section I felt particularly proud of. Throughout all these times, I’d remind myself, that this was part of the whole process by telling myself, “Author.” For some reason, it brought me peace and a reminder that being an author is a journey with ups and downs.

Take a Look Back Before Looking Ahead. To come up with a word or phrase for the days ahead, it can help to look back for a moment. Grab a journal and start writing.

Describe scenarios (home, work, family, community, etc.) when you felt like you were at the top of your game, thriving and tapping into your best self at home, work, family and in your community.

What feelings did you have about yourself during these times? What do you make of the themes that emerge?

Now, think of one or two times where you did not feel like you were your best self. Think of scenarios where you look back and think, “If only I would have…” or “I wish I would have.” Take a moment to forgive yourself for not knowing what you did not know or not being who you wanted to be. Know that you may not have yet acquired the wisdom you now possess. Coming back to the present, what action or mindset would help you be your best self going forward? This word itself may become your word for the year or guide you toward it.

How Do You Want to Feel? During the day, as you are living your life, multi-tasking, serving your clients, colleagues and family, imagine that, though you are busy, all is going well. What are you feeling?

At the of the night, as you are getting ready for bed and looking back at the day, what feeling would you like to have?

Consider what words you’d like to be used to describe you.

As you review all that you have jotted down, look for themes. There may be themes from the last year that match who you’ve wanted to be. What new words may you use to become more of who you want to be?

Some words I have seen used (and used myself) include:
Voice, Agency, Shine, Presence, Breathe, Bold, Fearless, Ease, Strong, Brave, Courage, Silly, Fun, Peaceful, and Love. You can find more examples below.

Displaying and Sharing your Word. Last, ask yourself where you can display this word as a reminder. Ideas include on your phone, by your computer, at your bedside, and near your bathroom mirror. Also, who can you share this word with so you can support one another?

Here’s to you and an amazing 2022 ahead! May you have a joyful year where you tap into your Wisdom, Power, Resilience, and Grace.


Photo Credit: Happiness is Homemade