Why SMP?

Manage your Culture

“The program that Sherry built for us had a major impact on how employees viewed their performance. Following her fun and interactive trainings, they started using the skills of giving and receiving feedback with each other and this helped create a more open culture where the “undiscussable topis” were finally OK to talk about. These discussions resulted in improved customer service and ultimately more profitability for the branches,”

Bill Arman, VP of HR, ValleyCrest Landscape Companies

“When Sherry built a talent management program (integrated succession planning, performance management and staffing) for our company, she always had a keen perspective on the big picture and how the results of the effort would impact the organization’s future leadership and success. Her ability to collaborate with senior leaders and build relationships with all employees aided in making the ensuing succession planning and employee development a success. She was always adaptable to our changing needs and provided the solutions we needed in the areas of coaching, training and employee communications,”

Alan Honeycutt, VP of HR, Pickup Stix

Grow Your Teams

“Dr. Nooravi helped our organization improve customer service as well as employee morale, things that ultimately help improve production in our industry. Also, she has been an advisor who always proceeds with my best interests in mind. I highly recommend Sherry to any organization that wants to improve customer service, production and team development. Ultimately, her presence and ways of educating us also improves morale and motivation.”

Kamran Sahabi, DDS, President, California Dental Group

“Whenever Dr. Nooravi works with our team, I am impressed with her knowledge and how she commands a room. Her leadership skills and charisma help generate team interaction and candid discussion. As a business leader who wants to build a high performing team, I highly recommend Sherry and Strategy Meets Performance for company team building events and leadership coaching. Sherry will help take your organization to the next level through higher team performance and a stronger company culture.”

Jeremy Durant, Business Principal, Bop Design

Transform your Leaders

Sherry had a step-by-step approach to coaching and helping me improve in a few areas. One most critical area of concern was engaging and enlisting my peers and leadership team. I always get the job done with high results but people would not be too pleased at the end of the day because I would push them too hard and not get them engaged early enough. Sherry coached me to build stronger relationships, particularly with two key people. As a result of my work with Sherry, not only have those relationships improved, one of these colleagues is now my biggest advocate within the senior leadership team and is pushing for me to receive a promotion and raise.

Sherry’s coaching approach is very calm and effective. She really listens and not only have I learned a lot from her, my career has taken off since we met. My entire leadership team has noticed the difference in my leadership approach. I ran the acquisition on the purchase of Columbia Winery in Washington and I was commended on doing an excellent job in a way that engaged employees.

Rowchelle Julian, Supply Chain Senior Manager
E&J Gallo Winery

My coaching sessions with Sherry were very useful. She was able to make me see and feel from different perspectives. She also has a deep knowledge about organization challenges and the political arena. This experience made her coaching practical and real. She helped me move forward by focusing on improving my work relationships and also picking the right battles. Her coaching has made a big difference for me.

Alessandra Neves, Global Talent Management and Organizational Development Manager
Votorantim Cimentos

Dr. Nooravi is a bright, polished professional with a warmth and caring that helped me to be comfortable being open and honest. This openness allowed for real development in me and changed the way I was thinking about and approaching problems.  Dr. Nooravi quickly got to the root of the issues and helped me turn them into clear and tangible goals. These actions helped me change my perspective and angle of thinking, which has driven major positive change for me. I found renewed confidence at work and improved serenity at home though subtle but very powerful changes in the way I thought about and approached things through Dr. Nooravi’s coaching. These changes are already paying in improved feedback from my boss and coworkers and showing in my overall work performance and satisfaction. Thank you Dr. Nooravi!

Brian Frohn, CFO, Lewtan

Sherry takes a deep interest in her clients and is very thorough, with a clear focus on getting results. By the end of our first meeting, she had deep understanding of my leadership style, personality and focus areas for our sessions. Subsequent meetings built on the successful implementation of her counsel and were more powerful than I expected. I highly endorse Sherry.

David Schwartz, Director of Marketing of LifeScan
Johnson & Johnson

This serves as a recommendation for Dr. Sherry Nooravi. My interactions with Dr. Nooravi have resulted in my great respect for her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to communicate with and get positive actions from even the most difficult of personalities – of which I am one. My opportunities to engage with Dr. Nooravi since have kept me focused on achieving goals – professional and personal that I originally thought near impossible. With Dr. Nooravi’s guidance, I took down the wall I built around myself and I succeeded in reaching major milestones. I am therefore deeply honored to support Dr. Nooravi by submitting this recommendation.

Beverly F. Cole, Senior Advisor
U.S. Department of the Treasury

After working with Dr. Sherry Nooravi, I gained a much clearer focus on the challenges that I needed to overcome in order to take my career to the next level. She deftly challenged my paradigms while reinforcing my positive behaviors, enabling me to utilize my skills more consistently across my business relationships. Her coaching enabled me to give the best parts of my personality and abilities to more situations and people. This growth would not have been possible without her and the result is an increased confidence in my potential that in turn allows me to be more relaxed and organic in my day to day business. My new way of being is impacting my success and career growth.

Kevin Kerrigan, Vice President

As a mid-level executive, my goal is to become a stronger leader within my organization. Dr. Sherry’s thoroughness in working with me on analyzing my leadership and 360 assessments helped me understand my strengths and my areas for improvement. Her demeanor is positive, optimistic and encouraging. She has helped me define clear career goals and actions plans to help me become a stronger leader. I have been implementing key elements of my action plan and am growing more confident as a leader. I feel fortunate to have her as my coach and look forward to future coaching sessions.

Myriam Exume, Marketing Director
Bristol-Myers Squibb

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