Akshay Sateesh

Akshay Sateesh

Akshay is a skilled facilitator who uses concepts from play and improvisational theater to affect team dynamics and innovation. He has conducted team dynamic and leadership skills workshops for adults and children in the U.S., Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, India and South Africa. Clients describe his workshops as engaging, fun and professional and say it helped them break down barriers in the workplace and be more aware of how they affect others.

“When my workshop participants let go and allow themselves to play and be silly in front of others, they realize that they can connect with others and be more creative. Creativity and effective collaboration is about loosening boundaries and social norms so that we can tap into our and our peers’ best talents to create a workplace influenced by positivity and collaboration.”

Currently a Faculty Trainer with the Center for Creative Leadership, Akshay has also been a professional actor and improviser since 2003. He is a founding member of the Philadelphia N-Crowd, a short-form improvisation group that performs weekly in Philadelphia. He remains a performer with the Stage Monkeys of San Diego. Prior to his work in leadership development, Akshay was a project leader at DuPont BioMedical (applied biosciences) for over six years, where he led product development teams to launch medical device implants for surgeries. He earned his M.S. and B.S. in Bioengineering/Entrepreneurship from the University of Pennsylvania and is currently in the process of completing his M.A. in Leadership Studies at the University of San Diego.

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