Manage Your Culture

Employee Accountability & Performance

As companies grow from start-up to prime, they face a host of growing pains. One of the most common “growing pains” is the need to create structures to keep employees accountable and motivated. Leaders of all sized organizations ask:

  • How do I keep my employees motivated?
  • How do we keep our employees accountable to their goals?
  • How do we consistently develop our employees?

When employees do not have clear goals that align with the strategy of the organization and their department, they lack clarity. Although they don’t verbalize it, they wonder:

  • “Why am I here?
  • “Does my work matter?
  • “Where is this company headed?”

They are also less productive and less customer-centered. Employees expect to have clear goals that are aligned to the company’s strategy. These are all valid desires and questions. When leaders create a system that is aligned with the present and future strategy, it will increase productivity and engagement while decreasing turnover of your best employees. Leaders who do not have a clear understanding of the skills, capabilities and career interests of their staff are at risk for losing their best players.

We develop performance management and succession planning systems that are tailored for where your company wants to go. We help you determine the skills and behaviors your employees need and build the system that enables you to get the best out of your employees. The result is a team who is headed in one direction with a strong understanding of the company’s vision, values and goals.

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