Manage Your Culture

Culture Assessment

The more you care for and nurture your culture and make sure it is aligned with your company’s strategy, leadership and vision, the more engaged your employees will be. Our culture assessment helps us assess your company’s strengths and areas for improvement. The findings inform and become the foundation for our work.

How do I know if we need to reshape our culture?

Following are some symptoms that indicate a need for change:

  • Unclear strategy and/or lack of clarity on HOW to reach the strategy
  • Identity crisis after change: Who are we, where are we going and what do we stand for?
  • Leaders not “walking the talk” (saying one thing and doing another)
  • Bad habits throughout the organization such as lack of follow-through and absence of urgency and accountability

Consequences: The company is stuck and not tapping into its potential. Missed opportunities, turnover of solid employees and loss of revenue are just some of the high costs of not managing your culture.

We help channel your company’s strengths and good habits toward closing the gaps and areas for improvement.

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