Manage Your Culture

Corporate Change & Growth

As a company grows, the culture experiences constant change in its identity, habits, systems and processes. If you do not keep up with this change by communicating it, updating and adjusting leadership styles, the company’s culture will stagnate. Regardless of the changes described below, we help you clarify your vision and values, align your senior teams and communicate effectively with your employees.

Through retreats and team facilitation, we help you manage these commons types of change:

  • Rapid growth – When there is rapid growth in an organization, there is little time to take a step back to focus on the big picture and strategy. We help your team ensure that your actions today will benefit the company tomorrow.
  • Cultures within a culture – Some companies have sub-cultures like the Old versus the New Management Team or Sales versus Manufacturing. We help bring these teams together for maximum results.
  • Mergers and acquisitions – Typically, companies are acquired and employees are not integrated into the new organization’s values, leadership and way of doing things. After a while, you’ll have a multitude of mini-organizations, all with their own values and beliefs, none of which are aligned with the larger organization’s vision and goals. We help create energy moving in one direction.
  • Change in leadership – When there is a change in leadership, there is often an accompanying change in vision and direction. We help the leaders make a positive impact in communication and engagement. After our clients work with us, employees can answer the following types of questions: Who are we? Where are we going? What’s next?

Moving into a new space – When the company has outgrown its space or needs to move for cost savings, leaders don’t always think of the impact it will have on employees. We help leaders use the change as an opportunity to create a community setting where collaboration and innovation become everyday parts of work life.

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