Grow Your Teams

Senior Team Alignment

When there is rapid growth, the senior team is often so busy managing the growth that they overlook the importance of becoming aligned and responding to change together.

The symptoms or growing pains may sound like this:

  • “Our senior people are not walking the talk.”
  •  “Our senior people are talking but are not getting through to each other.”
  • “We work in silos and each department head is doing things different and giving messages that are not aligned with each other.”
  • “We want to form a strong unified team but we just aren’t getting there.”

The consequences are confusion in the company about the direction and vision of the organization.

Through retreats, team facilitation and group coaching, we help your senior team identify their strengths and weaknesses and help them have powerful conversations that lead to the critical decisions that shape the company’s strategy and future.

Even teams that have worked together for years discover new synergies and a renewed sense of trust. When employees apply the new models they learn, they report improved relationships, team trust, innovation and new habits – all leading to a changing culture.

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