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Run Toward the Roar in 2010 Case Studies

For case studies of clients I helped run toward the roar in 2010, please read the success stories below. Case Studies I worked with each person to describe … Read more

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Run Toward the Lion’s Roar: Let’s Prepare to Face our Biggest Fears in 2011

As we wrap up 2010 with parties and planning for 2011 projects, it may also be a good time to consider what you really want to accomplish in … Read more

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Reframing to Create More Productive Conversations

A client of mine recently told me he had had it up to here with his colleagues’ complaining. Though he was able to commiserate with the colleagues, he … Read more

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Assertiveness: A Small Step can Lead to Transforming your Communication Patterns

I’ve observed that one of the most common challenges among people is difficulty asserting themselves. This applies to college students in the classes I teach all the way … Read more

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Leadership Starts at the Top – Yes, you Know That but What are you Going to do About it?

Leaders agree vehemently that their behavior and communication sets a tone for their employees and they really should pay attention to the messages they are sending…yet they often … Read more

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True Organizational Change Takes Time – and is so Worth the Investment

In our American culture, people want things done yesterday. The thing about change is that if you want to create new ways of doing things in your organization … Read more

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