IMG_4270WALK IT Model for Building Organizational Culture®

Dr. Sherry Nooravi regularly engages and inspires the members of CEO advisory groups and human resource and industry organizations on a range of topics centered on creating powerful, competitive and engaging workplace cultures.

In the current program entitled The Mirror Factor: Creating an Energized, Powerful and Competitive Culture participants will learn that tending to organizational culture is the most inexpensive and powerful thing a CEO can channel to have a vibrant, profitable and competitive work environment. Through the use of assessments, workbooks, handouts, case studies and group discussions, participants of this educational program focused on leadership and business strategy for CEOs will have two key outcomes:

(1) The understanding of the major and direct correlation between a company’s culture and the personality strengths of the CEO and his/her leaders and how to harness these strengths to increase “CULTURE CULTIVATORS®” and modify the “overplayed strengths” to minimize “CULTURE KILLERS®” (leadership behaviors that damage employee motivation, retention and the bottom line).

(2) How to apply the WALK IT® Model for Building Organizational Culture®

Reactions from CEO Advisory Group Chairs, Members and Trade Association Leaders

“Sherry Nooravi provided my CE group with a highly engaging, informative, practical and interactive presentation. I know that at least one member found the topic of culture so integral to his success that he invited Sherry to work with him and assess the culture at his firm. We’ve already booked Sherry in 2017 to share her new presentation. Can’t wait!”
Dave Kinnear, Chair, Vistage Worldwide

“When I had Sherry speak for my members, she went above and beyond to learn about the group’s successes and challenges. This ensured that her audience was engaged and that the learning was customized to their needs. Her expertise, continued original leadership research and coaching style helps members get maximum value, learning and actions. I recommend that any Chair who wants their members to learn practical tips for building a high energy, motivating and successful culture have Sherry speak for their group and I look forward to having her speak for my groups again.”
Michele Jewett, Chair, Vistage Worldwide

 “When I had Sherry speak with my Vistage group, she got my members talking about organizational culture in an interactive and engaging way. She challenged the group on their current thought processes on culture and helped them open up and expand their thinking to explore new options. She also leaves them with accountability action steps to follow up on. The nice part is that she is very knowledgeable and very approachable. I would recommend her for any CEO or Key group who wants to take on a big topic like company culture and break it down into a practical action plan.”

Patty Vogan, Chair, Vistage Worldwide

‪”Dr. Sherry Nooravi was very kind to come and present to my peer CEO groups. Sherry presented a very informed workshop on how to link strategy and employee performance, while creating a culture of accountability. I highly recommend Sherry to CEO’s of small to medium sized companies.”
Ron Fenland, Coach of CEO & Key Executive Peer Groups, Renaissance Executive Forums

“‪Dr. Nooravi recently presented to my community of over 30 CEOs and executives. I invited Sherry to speak because of the positive results she has brought to one of the CEOs in our peer group community on the topic of ‘CEO as a Culture Architect.’ This fast-paced talk provided great insight into the role the top executive plays in the formation and evolution of a company’s culture. Sherry gave my clients substantive ideas on the actions required to build a healthy culture, one that reflects the beliefs and values of the executive.‪I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Nooravi as a speaker and her firm for executives who are looking for a knowledgeable professional capable of delivering meaningful results in the area of communication, employee engagement and company culture. Sherry’s work enables CEOs to link their strategy to their firm’s operational performance.
Richard (Ric) Franzi, ‪Coach of CEO & Key Executive Peer Groups, Renaissance Executive Forums

“A few years ago, after seeing Sherry speak at my Vistage group, I recognized the need to step outside of my organization for some personal coaching and additional perspective. The brutally honest truths which I desired from those around me had been replaced by a sea of YES’s. Everyone loves hearing a yes but without the presence of a NO, you quickly gain a false sense of security and a disconnect from reality. As the number of projects and things to do soon stacked around me I found myself overworked, overwhelmed and less effective on prioritizing life from top to bottom. In my time working with Sherry over the past year, we developed a personalized strategy that worked for both my business and life. The power of no quickly transformed into opportunities of yes and less important projects and tasks were replaced by those satisfying the greatest outcome. Her Essentialist approach and “Strategy Meets Performance” methodology complimented with her love for people makes any experience working with Sherry substantial.”
Travis Becktel, Vistage Member and General Manager, Southern Counties Lubricants

“When I saw Dr. Sherry Nooravi speak at my Vistage group last year, I was impressed by her knowledge of company culture and I recognized that our growing company needed to have more alignment at the senior level as well as a better sense of what was working in our culture and what could be improved. Sherry helped us do both of these things and as a result, we have made some positive changes that are strengthening our company and culture. I look forward to working with her again in the near future.”
Michael Curtis, Vistage Member and EVP, Wilbur Curtis Company

 “I’ve experienced the power of Dr. Sherry Nooravi’s work in forum and small group settings. She creates an excellent collaborative learning environment and empowers participants through her approachable style. With a mastery of topics from personality styles to employer branding and millennial integration, she can guide executive teams to fulfill their cultural vision through intentional change. If you desire to become an employer of choice, Sherry will provide the expert counsel you seek.”
Heidi Saulsbury, SHRM-SCP

“Sherry is an excellent resource for organizational and cultural development and management. She is an informative and engaging speaker – she addressed a human resources forum that I chair and received rave reviews (and an invitation back) from the HR executives in attendance.”
Thomas Ingrassia, ‪Attorney & Owner at Pettit Kohn Ingrassia & Lutz PC

‪”Sherry recently delivered a fantastic presentation for the PMI San Diego chapter. The topic of the presentation was how to engage teams to produce great results. Since the audience was a group of Project Mangers, this skill is critical to success. She was able to quickly engage the audience and keep them engaged (where other presenters have been challenged). The participants understood the information delivered and put this knowledge into practice with targeted exercises. Sherry used her warm personality, clear communication and collaborative approach to encourage “audience participation.” Several participants told me it was a great presentation! I would definitely recommend Sherry to anybody who wants to improve team productivity!”
David Mahler, ‪VP, Business Technology Strategy Consultant


For more information about having Dr. Nooravi speak for your company or trade organization, please contact sherry@strategymeetsperformance or call 312.286.0325.

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