Our Approach, Mission, Values & Clients

We believe that sustainable positive change and growth happens when you have a vision and holistic focus on the entire organization. Managing your culture is about creating clarity followed by new habits that are aligned with the vision of the organizations and its values. They often include new behaviors such as resiliency to change, a sense of urgency, the promotion of innovation at all levels to the practice of powerful, authentic conversations. Our approach helps you create change system-wide starting from assessing your culture to growing your teams and individuals.

Our Mission is to help leaders tap into their potential for the betterment of their companies, families and communities.

Our Clients are lifelong learners who want to take a holistic approach to operating a business that is focused on both profit and people. They are open to “looking in the mirror,” challenging themselves and learning how to be more mindful and joyful at both home and work.

We believe in living a RICHE®  life, a life rich with abundance where we give and share freely and see the world through the lens of possibility. The five values that guide our professional and personal lives are:

We strive toward holistic results that benefit people, companies and our community; not just the bottom line

We are lifelong learners who develop new ideas, take calculated risk and get out of our comfort zones

We are role models who share our resources (time, talent & treasure) to improve our communities (clients, our workplace, local and global communities)

We harness positivity, perseverance and the spirit of pushing through despite obstacles and discomfort; We don’t give up and remember the greats have had many failures before they succeeded

We practice a mindful life so we can maximize our energy, joy and productivity. We take time for gratitude and meditation each day so we can re-charge. We manage our time and energy so we can tend to creative pursuits such as hobbies; we take holidays regularly


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