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Dr. Mihir Parikh, President of the SDCMS Helps Groups Thrive through Openness, Diversity & Innovation

Part VII of an 8 Part Leadership Series published in San Diego Physician Magazine

Dr. Mihir Parikh,board certified in ophthalmology and 13-year member of SDCMS-CMA, is key surgeon of NVISION Eye Centers in La Jolla and president of the San Diego County Medical Society.

One of the¬†perspectives that stood out about Dr. Parikh was his openness to seeking ideas from his teams in the process of creating the organization’s goals and pushing forward innovation. A big proponent of diversity, he states that though having a homogenous group may make discussions short and meetings quick, a diverse team, which can be more challenging at times, produces better outcomes that tend to have broader appeal to the mass population because it has been vetted by a diverse group of people.

You can read the entire published article here.

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